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Judy Croome: Author on the Prowl

Judy Croome lives, writes and reads in Johannesburg, South Africa.  A novelist & poet, Judy loves cats, exploring the meaning of life, chocolate, rainy days and cats (who already appear to have discovered the meaning of life.) Visit Judy on www.judycroome.com or join her on Twitter @judy_croome

Write from the Heart: Unleashing the Power of Your Creativity - Hal Zina Bennett A warm mix of spiritual philosophy, writing techniques and personal anecdotes, WRITE FROM THE HEART is a master coach teaching by example.

Hal Zina Bennett gently leads the reader through an exploration of both solitude and creativity. While he acknowledges the need for technical expertise, Bennett always focuses on the connection between a writer’s creativity and the Divine Source that inspires the creative work. With examples that ground the spiritual explorations in a practical reality, Bennett shows how this Divine connection links a writer’s consciousness with that of reader’s and ultimately transforms them both.

Bennett reminds authors of an important facet of writing too often forgotten in a world where modern technology makes writing a book almost too easy: writing a book is not about fame, fortune and technical perfection. Yes, he says, those are fortunate benefits writers secretly dream of…but, Bennett constantly reminds us, a truly creative writer is the one who taps into the soul and writes from deep within that mysterious source.

In equal parts easy to read and inspiring, this writing guide is one every writer, no matter where they are on their writing path, should read. Writers who follow these guidelines are sure to produce stories that touch readers where it counts: in the heart.