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Judy Croome: Author on the Prowl

Judy Croome lives, writes and reads in Johannesburg, South Africa.  A novelist & poet, Judy loves cats, exploring the meaning of life, chocolate, rainy days and cats (who already appear to have discovered the meaning of life.) Visit Judy on www.judycroome.com or join her on Twitter @judy_croome

Book Review: "Healing the Soul:Pluto, Uranus & the Lunar Nodes" by Mark Jones

Healing the Soul: Pluto, Uranus and the Lunar Nodes - Mark Jones, Tony Howard

An insightful and profound exposition of the evolutionary impact Pluto, Uranus and the Moon's Nodes on the soul.

On a personal level, Mark's theories on Pluto in Virgo provided me with numerous breakthrough moments that have raised my consciousness about hidden motivations that have eluded me for years. This book is well named - soul wounds I've been working on for years suddenly made sense and I was left feeling a deep sense of acceptance and understanding.

This book touched me so deeply, I've ordered a hard copy as well as there are many sections I need to re-read and re-absorb.

Highly recommended.